Lee Hyun Once Imitated Bang Si Hyuk…And It Was Absolutely Hilarious

It must be a tradition for Big Hit Entertainment artists to do this.

It seems that the artists at Big Hit Entertainment are close with their CEO, Bang Si Hyuk. BTS has been shown impersonating Bang Si Hyuk on multiple occasions.

Lee Hyun is no different, as he also once hilariously impersonated Bang Si Hyuk. During an episode of Radio Star, Lee Hyun decided to imitate one of Bang Si Hyuk’s most iconic moments.

Lee Hyun begins by showing how Bang Si Hyuk likes to position himself, as he seems to always have his hands on his stomach.

Lee Hyun then copies Bang Si Hyuk’s iconic clip, even adding the moment of embarrassment at the end.

Another one of Bang Si Hyuk’s habits is the way he likes to lie down.

Lee Hyun explains that Bang Si Hyuk likes to lie down that way because it allows him to place his laptop on his stomach.

Lee Hyun even shows off what it looks like when he goes to visit Bang Si Hyuk.

Lee Hyun also hilariously shows what Bang Si Hyuk looks like when he’s grooving to some music.

Lee Hyun also reveals some more comedic details.

Lee Hyun even hilariously reveals that he will be the one doing Bang Si Hyuk impersonations from now on.

Here is the full video below!