TXT And Lee Hyun Overcame Their Age Gap And Easily Went From Labelmates To Friends—Here’s How They Did It

They’re at least 16 years apart!

TXT is definitely close to the people in their agency! In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, singer Lee Hyun mentioned his precious hoobies and their relationship.

There may be a considerable age gap of 16 years—Lee Hyun is 37 years old (1983) and TXT’s oldest member Yeonjun is 21 (1999)—but their friendship is real!


Both artists are currently signed under BIGHIT MUSIC, making it easy to spot each other in the building. Lee Hyun and TXT became friends not inside a recording studio or on stage, but in the gym! They apparently often meet up late at night and bond over exercise.

Whenever I work out between nine and midnight, TOMORROW X TOGETHER come to see me when they’re finished work.

— Lee Hyun

TXT’s Taehyun | Weverse

They started out as awkward labelmates, but they soon became close workout buddies.

At first I just watched them, but then I helped them out with their form and it was like I became their personal trainer.

— Lee Hyun

Lee Hyun only has praise for TXT and their hyungs BTS, saying that he’s an unbiased fan of their music. In fact, even though he’s been in the industry for well over a decade, he keeps learning from his fellow labelmates.

Since I’m a singer, when I listen to a BTS or TOMORROW X TOGETHER song and some part in the vocals piques my interest, I just want to try singing along to it. I like the texture of their music and what they’re going for, too, and people love those songs. And I like trying to act like them, because I’ll try expressing myself and sometimes realize the way I used to think was best isn’t—that there are other ways.

— Lee Hyun

BTS and TXT | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Lee Hyun debuted in 2007 as a member of the three-person vocal group 8Eight. From 2010 to 2018, he was one half of HOMME with 2AM‘s Changmin, and he’s currently a soloist who has released songs such as “Will There Be A Next?” (2018) and “Deep Sadness” (2021).

| Weverse Magazine
Source: Weverse Magazine