Artist Lee Hyung Koo experiments on people with body modification

South Korean artist Lee Hyung Koo has combined modern art with body modification in a series titled The Objectuals that will make you rethink the human body.

The series is said to be inspired by an extreme over-analysis of modern beauty standards, using odd manipulation and magnification techniques to distort the human body and features. The longer you look at these works, the more unnatural and disturbing they seem. At times he even experimented with these body modifications in public locations, and studied the reactions of people.

The freakishly distorted images look like cartoons until you realize they’re real people and their body parts.

Check out some of his work here:

lee hyung koo 2
“A Device That Makes My Hand Look Bigger” (1999) is made from a plastic soda bottle and a whiskey bottle

lee hyung koo 5
This piece exaggerates the notion of large eyes and fair skin being an icon of beauty (2003)

lee hyung koo 4
These goggles are like bug-vision! (2002)

lee hyung koo 1
Something is very unsettling about that smile

lee hyung koo 6
“The Crawler” is aptly named..

lee hyung koo
Why so serious? (2003)



For this experiment, he strapped a helmet on people and sent them into public places to give people a surprise. How would you react if you saw this?



Source: The Creators Project