Lee Jae Wook Is The Hottest K-Drama Star On The Rise, Sweeping Viewers Off Their Feet

Keep your eyes on him.

Actor Lee Jae Wook, with his most recent role in Extraordinary You alongside SF9‘s Rowoon, is sweeping Korean viewers off their feet with his talent and visual! In the short span of two years, Lee Jae Wook has built himself an incredible filmography featuring some of the industry’s most buzz-worthy K-Dramas.


While he is indeed a rookie who debuted in 2018, as Marco in Memories of the Alhambra, Lee Jae Wook has wowed the viewers with his solid acting — and his ability to portray drastically different characters. In his debut K-Drama, he was dark:


In his following K-Drama though, he was everything but. In fact, he looked so completely different as the role of Seol Ji Hwan in WWW that not a lot of viewers realized he was the same person who acted Marco.


By Extraordinary You, viewers had learned his face through and through. Boosted by the fact that his character “Baek Kyung” is a total tsundere charm, Lee Jae Wook has definitely become one of the hottest, and fastest growing, rookie actors in the world of K-Drama!


Away from the camera, Lee Jae Wook is a master of that boyfriend look. Viewers can’t help but find him and his duality super charming and look forward to seeing this rookie take on more roles!


Watch Lee Jae Wook in the latest trailer for Extraordinary You below:

Source: THEQOO