Lee Jinhyuk Answers The Artist He Would Like To Collaborate With The Most

Who wouldn’t want to work with this artist?

Lee Jinhyuk sat down with K-Music Insider in order to answer a few questions fans had for him. One of the biggest questions was about the artist Jinhyuk would like to collaborate with the most.

Jinhyuk initially gave a very polite answer in that he would be welcome to collaborate with any artist.

After a bit of contemplating, the artist that Jinhyuk would like to collaborate the most is IU.

Jinhyuk doesn’t just want to restrict himself by collaborating with one artist though. In the future, he wishes to create a special album featuring multiple artists.

The interview also asked other interesting questions to Jinhyuk, one of which was who his biggest inspirations to music are. Jinhyuk’s dancing inspiration growing up was Michael Jackson.

For K-Pop idols and groups, Jinhyuk had multiple people he looked up to growing up. He looked up to a wide array of groups, such as Girls’ Generation, DBSK, and BIGBANG.

Watch the full interview below!