Fans Surprised By Unexpected Appearance Of Lee Jong Suk At 2021 Seoul Fashion Week

The actor hopes to excite everyone about fashion again.

Today, Lee Jong Suk‘s agency, A-Man Project, shared photos of the actor at the 2021 Seoul Fashion Week.

The actor’s unexpected appearance delighted his fans! He charmed everyone in the room with his confidence and almost cowboy-esque visuals.

He modeled for Beyond Closet, a brand created in 2008 by Ko Tae Yong. The general unisex themes of the brand are “American Classic” and “Preppy Look.” One of their biggest successes was their popular t-shirts and jackets with dog patches, known as “Gae-T” or “Dog T-Shirt.”

A Gae-T | Beyond Closet

Lee Jong Suk shared in a recent interview that he wanted his fans to see different sides of him now that he is back from the military. He began this new endeavor by participating in this year’s Seoul Fashion Week which was held online.

Kim Jong Suk hoped to help revitalize the fashion industry with this runway.

I know that there are many difficulties not only in the fashion industry but in all fields. I hope everyone, including my fans, will stay healthy, and I hope we can all overcome these turbulent times by helping each other in our respective places and cheering for one another. I will also do my best in my place and work hard as an actor who can give you joy and fun.

—Lee Jong Suk

Source: iMBC