Lee Jong Suk’s Adorable Baby Pictures Prove He Has NEVER Been Ugly

Picture #3 is so cute!

Lee Jong Suk is one of South Korea’s hottest male actors at the moment, and it’s easy to see why. His boyish good looks combined with his masculine physique set him apart from the rest.

Has someone this handsome ever experienced being ugly? A compilation of his childhood pictures prove he is one of the lucky few who has always been good looking. Check them out below!

1. Blue Overalls

This absolutely adorable baby is the lovely actor we know today! His blue overalls and white shirt only add to his cuteness.

2. Half-Smile, Half-Smirk

It looks as if Lee Jong Suk has always smiled this way! Until now, he still looks directly at the camera as he half-smiles and half-smirks.

3. Bowl Cut Hair

Lee Jong Suk looks like such a sweet baby with his bowl cut hair and bright pink socks! The rocking horse he is holding on to must be the reason for the bright smile on his face.

4. Model Pose

Look at the confident way he’s posing. Even at such a young age, Lee Jong Suk was a natural model!

5. Handsome Young Man

No longer a baby, this picture really shows him growing into his looks. It may be grainy but it can’t hide his handsome face! We bet he was already popular with girls at this age.