These 10+ Photos of Lee Jong Suk Will Help You Cope with His Upcoming Enlistment

Once a model, always a model.

On February 26, Lee Jong Suk‘s agency, AMAN PROJECT announced that he’ll be enlisting in the military on March 8. Due to his strong presence both in dramas and social media, fans were quite shocked by the sudden enlistment news.

Lee Jong Suk, who originally started off as a model, debuted with SBS’s Prosecutor Princess in 2010 which was only the beginning of his successful acting career. The positive responses he received led to higher demand for his presence and Lee Jong Suk tended to it by regularly updating his social media accounts with gorgeous photos of himself.

In his posts, Lee Jong Suk highlighted his tall height of 186 centimeters and model-like body and attracted a lot of attention.

In addition to his naturally handsome appearance, he complimented it even further with his outstanding fashion sense.

Lee Jong Suk often wore t-shirts, checkered shirts, and knitted sweaters, which gave off the college student vibe.

He even graced his fans with close-ups of his face and made the hearts of all his female fans flutter.

In his photos, he sometimes flaunted different color hair, which he pulled off perfectly.

And when he gave his fans an inside look of him on set, the formal attire he wore emphasized that he looks just as good in a button-up shirt as he does in casual wear.

Not to mention his bad-boy look. It’s very difficult to say which look suits him best.

At the end of the day, he’s still a natural model.

With just 10 days until his military enlistment day, let’s take in all that Lee Jong Suk graced our eyes with and appreciate him for the natural model and actor that he is.

Source: Insight
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