Lee Jong Suk Lived The Fanboy Dream As He Got To Act Alongside His Celebrity Crush

Lee Jong Suk thinks of himself as a successful fan!

Lee Jong Suk has worked with many famous Korean actresses, but one castmate was special since she is Lee Jong Suk’s celebrity crush!

Since early in his career, Lee Jong Suk has stated that Lee Na Young is his ideal type.

Years later, and Lee Jong Suk lived the fanboy dream when he got to act alongside Lee Na Young in the K-Drama Romance Is a Bonus Book.

During the press conference for Romance Is a Bonus Book, Lee Jong Suk was asked how he felt about acting alongside his celebrity crush.

Lee Jong Suk answered by talking about how great it was acting alongside Lee Na Young and admitted that he’s a successful fan.

He also got quite shy when talking about how huge of a fan he was, as well as how much joy he got from acting alongside Lee Na Young.


Lee Na Young also gave high praise to Lee Jong Suk, talking about how great of an actor and human he is.

Lee Jong Suk also shared he had one “problem” about acting with Lee Na Young, which was that he would blush quite often while filming.


Source: YouTube