Lee Joo Yeon Uploads Pictures For The First TIme Since Dating Rumours With G-Dragon

Lee Joo Yeon has stayed under the radar ever since rumors went around that she and G-Dragon are dating.

G-Dragon and Lee Jooyeon Rumored To Be Dating

But she’s just recently posted photos of herself on Twitter and Instagram for the first time since.

The first two photos, taken in a nondescript location, show Lee Joo Yeon expressionless.

The whereabouts and facial expressions are of interest to Netizens who are on the lookout for more evidence of her dating G-Dragon.

Fans Find More “Evidence” That G-Dragon And Lee Jooyeon Are In A Relationship

The two photos were followed by others, one of them with a caption “Got a photo taken“, which led netizens to ask “By who?

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Netizens across the board attempted to locate her whereabouts, and some speculated that she must be in Japan since G-Dragon is in Japan at the moment.

“She’s prolly in Japan right now SUPPORTING BF JIYONG KWON! And that’s amazing for him. To finally have a GF in his concerts and to take to places, and look pretty for him and make him happy and support his career. ~ah~ this makes me so happy for Ji. Thx @jupppal for making him smile so beautifully lately!!!”

— @sun.moon.stardust

Despite the netizens’ search and call for answers, Lee Joo Yeon has not made a statement yet and seems unconcerned.