Lee Joon Gi Showed His Support To His Friend And Former Co-Star IU — And It’s Totally Expected

Joon Gi showed his support to IU — is your “scarlet heart” still okay?

Long-time Korean drama viewers and even loyal fans of both celebrities know that IU and Lee Joon Gi starred in the hit drama, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.


After starring in the popular drama, the duo have successfully managed to create a special bond as friends who love to communicate on social media.

For example, Joon Gi greeted IU on her birthday this year…

Wishing you a very very happy birthday~~^^”

– Lee Joon Gi to IU

…and IU comments on his Instagram page from time to time to joke around with him. Joon Gi also did a cameo on IU’s drama Hotel de Luna as a priest — and IU mentioned that she felt extremely touched with his gesture.

He’s also a fan of IU, since he likes going to her concert to show his support to her.

In the past, IU sent food trucks to the filming set of tvN‘s Lawless Lawyer to show her support to Joon Gi who was starring in that drama.

And to return the favor, this 2020, Joon Gi also sent food trucks to IU’s filming of her movie “Dream”.

Fans also loved the fact that IU showed support to the actor’s upcoming drama, Flower of Evil, by using its hashtag in her “thank you” post to the actor.

The two actors are busy with their own projects right now, but fans still couldn’t help but wish for a season two of Scarlet Heart Ryeo. And with their cute interactions, can you blame them?