Lee Jung Eun Reveals Hilarious Story On Working With Bong Joon Ho Prior To “Parasite”

She was in for a major shock.

Many would know Lee Jung Eun from her role in the movie Parasite as the housekeeper. Many also know Bong Joon Ho as the director of the movie Parasite, so it’s easy to see these two being connected to each other.

These two have actually worked together prior to Parasite, which was for the movie Okja. 

Lee Jung Eun was actually the voice actress for the character Okja in the movie.

When selecting the voice actress for the role, Bong Joon Ho personally wanted Lee Jung Eun to do the role and called her for the offer.

Once Lee Jung Eun heard the character’s name and that it was the main role, she thought that she would be portraying a great or interesting character.

Lee Jung Eun was in for a shock once Bong Joon Ho told her that Okja was actually a pig, not a human character.

While Lee Jung Eun was shocked over this reveal, she still wanted the role because she wouldn’t even be acting like a pig, she would just be doing some of the voice roles.

Here is the full video below!