A Korean Baseball Player Is Winning over All the “Noonas” with His Handsome Visuals and Spectacular Fan Service

He’s both handsome AND sweet.

Lee Jung Hoo of the Kiwoom Heroes recently killed it in a game against the Doosan Bears, but what stood out even more than that was his idol-like visuals and amazing fan service.

Right after the game, a post came up on the internet detailing an experience a fan had with the handsome baseball player.

According to the post, a child told him “Please win tomorrow” to which Lee Jung Hoo replied, “I’m sorry. I know we lost today, but we’ll win tomorrow.

Fans responded passionately to this because despite playing well himself, he still apologized, and even spoke formally to a child.

This isn’t the first time Lee Jung Hoo gained attention for his fan service. Before the Korean series during the playoffs, he approached his fans after the game and took selfies with all of his fans.

And when a guard tried to put an end to the signing, he even gestured that he was okay and continued to give out signatures.

Even during the games, he is known to gift baseballs to fans over the nets, and he has been seen blowing on the ball after signing it to make sure it doesn’t smudge.

What a sweetheart.

Not to mention a total hottie.

Source: Dispatch