Lee Kwang Soo Roamed Around in a Legit Transformers Costume for Korea’s Children’s Day

Lee Kwang Soo’s so extra, in a good way.

On Korea’s Children’s Day, Lee Kwang Soo dressed up as the legit Transformers robot, Bumblebee and roamed around movie theatres in Seoul, Suwon, Jukjeon, and Bundang in hopes of making special appearances for his movie, Inseparable Bros.

And in order to make the day special for many children who’d be watching, Lee Kwang Soo’s co-stars, Shin Ha Kyun, and Lee Som joined him with costumes as well.

But their costumes definitely didn’t stand a chance against Lee Kwang Soo’s over-the-top Transformers costume, so all the attention went to Lee Kwang Soo as a result.

Lee Kwang Soo attracts a lot of attention, to begin with since he’s 190 centimeters tall, so the very unique costume added to how much he stood out in a crowd.

The heavy costume must have been heavy to carry around, and it must have been hot inside it as well, which is making fans commend him even more on his efforts to make the children’s day extra special.

Check out some more photos of Lee Kwang Soo’s epic robot costume below:

Source: Insight