Lee Kwang Soo Didn’t Know Whether He Should Smile After Hearing A “Compliment” From A Fan

This is a unique way of complimenting someone.

Lee Kwang Soo has quite the comedic image due to Running Man, and it’s one of the most loved aspects of him.

During an episode of Running Man, a fan decided to compliment Lee Kwang Soo when the members were moving locations to their next mission.

You’re not stupid!

— Lee Kwang Soo’s fan

Once the cast members heard this, they burst into laughter over how ridiculous of a compliment it was.

Without realizing, Lee Kwang Soo ended up thanking the fan for the compliment.

After he had some time to think about it, he questioned why the fan said such an obvious thing to him. However, Lee Kwang Soo was thankful for the compliment, even if it was a strange one.

Here’s the full video below!

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