Lee Kwang Soo Reveals The Person Who Is His “Emotional Rock”

This person has helped Lee Kwang Soo for many years!

Lee Kwang Soo is close to many celebrities, but it seems that one person has been his “emotional rock”, someone he relies on during tough times, for many years.

During an interview with ESQUIRE Korea, Lee Kwang Soo was asked various questions. One question he was asked was, “Who’s your emotional rock?

Lee Kwang Soo didn’t hesitate much on his answer, as he stated that Kim Jong Kook has been his “emotional rock” for many years. In fact, Kim Jong Kook’s phone number is saved as “emotional rock” on his phone. This isn’t all too surprising, as the two have built a strong bond with each other after becoming castmates on Running Man in 2010.

Here’s the full video below!


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