Lee Kwang Soo Insists That His Favorite Music Is Sad Ballads, But He Was Caught In A Lie

Lee Kwang Soo being funny without even trying.

Lee Kwang Soo recently sat down for an interview with ESQUIRE Korea, where he answered a lot of questions regarding himself.

One question he was asked was what his favorite type of music was, and he answered that he likes sad ballads.

He was then asked, “What song have you been listening to these days?” and he gave quite the answer. Lee Kwang Soo stated that recently he had been listening to EXO‘s “Overdose”, which isn’t exactly a sad ballad.

Lee Kwang Soo then laughed a bit and stated that he personally likes sad ballads, but EXO’s “Overdose” was the song he was listening to a lot casually.

Here’s the full interview, as well as the music video for EXO’s “Overdose” below!