Here’s How Lee Kwang Soo Responded When Asked To Pick Between Lee Sun Bin And BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Lee Kwang Soo didn’t know how to react!

Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sun Bin are one of the most beloved Korean celebrity couples, and there have been many moments where they got teased about their relationship.

Lee Sun Bin (Left) & Lee Kwang Soo (Right) | @sunbin_eyesmag/Instagram

BLACKPINK recently guested on Running Man, and there was a segment where Lee Kwang Soo had to make a difficult choice between Lee Sun Bin and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo.

Lee Sun Bin

During the episode, there was a game where everyone had to wear a device that detected changes in emotions using brainwaves. If the person remained calm, then the device wouldn’t move. If the person got excited or nervous, then the device would start to move. The goal of the game was to remain as calm as possible.

| sNack!/YouTube

When it was Lee Kwang Soo’s turn, Jennie decided to try and get his emotions going by asking if Lee Sun Bin was doing well.

Jennie then decided to ask who was prettier between Jisoo and Lee Sun Bin.

While Lee Kwang Soo refused to answer the question, the device was moving quite a bit.

Lee Kwang Soo then responded by stating that they each have their own unique charms.

Here’s the full video below!

Running Man

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