Lee Kwang Soo receives embarrassing letter from his mom on “Running Man”

Lee Kwang Soo won the hearts of viewers everywhere on the most recent episode of Running Man after receiving a sweet letter from his mom.

Fans were thrilled at the announcement that SBS‘s Running Man would in fact not be ending this year, and the show’s latest episode is a perfect example why it’s so loved among fans. In show featured cast member Lee Kwang Soo showing off his sweet romantic side even while he was stuck inside a prison.

As part of the 3rd Member’s Week Special, titled “Ji Suk Jin‘s Week,” the eldest cast member Ji Suk Jin held a wedding party to renew his vows with his wife. But as a special twist to the episode, the members all had to spend some time in the prison specially constructed for the cast members.

While prison is generally a somber experience, Lee Kwang Soo brought laughs to everyone when he received mail inside the prison from his mother and opted to read it aloud.

Check out the hilarious sequence of events below, complete with subtitles:

Be sure to check out Running Man which will continue to air on SBS throughout 2017.