Lee Kwang Soo Reveals Kim Jong Kook Has Been Thinking About Marriage More Than Ever Before

“I think he wants to get married more than he did before.”

Lee Kwang Soo recently guest-starred on the latest episode of SBS‘s My Little Old Boy where he dished on his good friend and previous Running Man castmate Kim Jong Kook.

For those who may not know a lot about the show, My Little Old Boy centers around celebrities and their mothers as they observe and comment on how their children live.

Kim Jong Kook and his mothers are fixed members of the show, so when his good friend Lee Kwang Soo came to visit, the mothers and MCs had numerous questions for him.

Before answering any questions, Kwang Soo shared that while Kim Jong Kook dropped by the shooting to greet him, he joked around and said to Lee Kwang Soo, “I didn’t come to see you, so don’t feel any pressure.” Later on, Lee Kwang Soo was asked why he believes Kim Jong Kook hasn’t married yet.

Since Kim Jong Kook’s mother was in the room, Lee Kwang Soo was more cautious with his words and replied that it might have to do with his personality.

I personally believe it’s due to his personality. Unless he’s sure of the other person, he doesn’t open his heart easily.

— Lee Kwang Soo

Lee Kwang Soo also shared that unlike in the past, Kim Jong Kook has actually been thinking about marriage a lot recently.

Before, he didn’t have any thoughts about on marriage, but now I think he wants to get married more than he did before.

— Lee Kwang Soo

Check out the clip below:

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