Lee Kwang Soo Was Once Given The Middle Finger By Another Celebrity

She originally didn’t want to make a scene.

Many people would know Lee Kwang Soo as one of the cast members of Running Man and his funny on-screen personality.



There was a moment though when a celebrity “accidentally” gave him the middle finger. Park Na Rae shares how Yoo Jae Suk invited her to a wrap-up party for Running Man. She decided to be extra careful around him due to his kind gesture, even telling Lee Kwang Soo she wouldn’t be drinking any alcohol.



Everything changed once Yoo Jae Suk left the party and people started persuading Park Na Rae to start pouring drinks.



All the drinks eventually got her and she said she got wasted.



She says that she didn’t remember much and that Lee Kwang Soo called to tell her what she did to him.



Lee Kwang Soo laughed it off and jokingly told her to “be prepared”