This Actor Was A Nobody For 12 Years, But His Life Changed After One Drama

The public is falling in love with him.

Thanks to his role as Yoo Han Yang on Prison Playbook, Lee Kyu Hyung has finally broken into mainstream popularity, 12 years after his debut.

In Prison Playbook, Lee Kyu Hyung plays the son of a company chairman who loves drugs. He was subsequently sent to prison for abusing drugs.

With his distinct nasal sound and ability to act as two different people, depending on if he’s on drugs or not, Lee Kyu Hyung has been gaining the public’s attention and is now on the path to great success.

Debuting in 2003 as a musical actor, Lee Kyu Hyung acted in his first movie “Big and Small City” in 2008.

Lee Kyu Hyun in the musical “Death’s Hymn”.

Since then, he has played supporting roles in movies “You Call It Passion”, “The Face Reader”, and “My Dictator”.

Lee Kyu Hyung in the movie “My Dictator”.

Drama fans may even recognize him for his small but impactful roles in Goblin or Hwarang.

Lee Kyu Hyung in the drama Goblin.