Lee Hi’s Mental Health Reportedly Suffered Because Of Her Long Hiatus

It was revealed by her vocal trainer.

Lee Hi‘s vocal trainer revealed that her mental health suffered because of her long hiatus.

Earlier this year, Lee Hi made a comeback after three years with the title track “NO ONE” featuring B.I. Prior to this, her last comeback was in 2016 with the song “Breathe”.

In an interview during a segment of Be The Winner, Lee Hi’s vocal trainer shared with viewers some of the hardships she experienced. According to him, as soon as he said “let’s start” and rang the bell when they first began training, she burst into tears. He found it heartbreaking, especially because she was going through a hard time at her young age.

Rather than begin vocal lessons, he chose to just talk to her and have many conversations.

After three months, YG Entertainment contacted him.

Thank you so much, Hayi’s singing improved so much.

– YG Entertainment

They were not aware that he had not given her any actual vocal lessons. By just talking to her, her singing style and rhythm improved.

Many top comments expressed anger at YG Entertainment for the mental suffering she experienced under their care. They believed that YG Entertainment should not hold her back and instead allow her to move to a better agency.

You can read the full thread below.

Source: Twitter
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