Lee Min Ho And The Cast Of “The King” Have A Special Message To Their Filipino Fans — Here It Is

Here’s what Lee Min Ho had to say to his Filipino fans — are you one of them?

Attention, Filipino fans! The whole cast of The King: Eternal Monarch, including veteran actor Lee Min Ho have a very special message for you.

It’s no wonder Netflix PH made an effort to post a video of the main actors talking to their Filipino fans…

…since The King: Eternal Monarch has been a consistent top drama in Netflix’s “Top 10 Most Watched in the Philippines”.

The King: Eternal Monarch is a story between King Lee Gon and a police inspector named Jung Tae-eul from two parallel universes.

These two characters meet each other after the former goes on a mission to close the gateway between the two dimensions.

Moving on the their message, Filipino fans will be thrilled to know that they have their all-star cast available to tell their message to their fans.

In addition to Lee Min Ho, great actors Kim Go EunWoo Do HwanJung Eun Chae and Kim Kyung Nam were also available to deliver their message.

Naturally, Lee Min Ho announced that their drama can be watched via the popular streaming platform Netflix.

Viewers will also be surprised to know that you can watch it whenever you are, given Netflix’s vast availability worldwide.

The actors also expressed their interest in being on the show, since it’ll be watched by different viewers all over the world.

Because the viewers have waited for so long, the actors have given their guarantee that they will do their very best in providing the best content for you.

In conclusion, they’re all extremely grateful for the warm welcome of the viewers — and of course…

…they’ll all be waiting for you on Netflix!

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