Lee Min Ho And Kim Go Eun Had The Best Reactions To Some Of Their Romantic Scenes

The chemistry between these two is amazing!

The cast of The King: Eternal Monarch shares some great chemistry, as it seems that they’re always laughing in behind the scenes moments.

This is also true for the 2 main leads, Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun. Behind the scenes footage shows that these two can’t contain themselves after romantic scenes. During one scene, Lee Min Ho had to “write” something on Kim Go Eun’s hand.

After the scene concludes, the two immediately start sharing some laughter over the scene.

The two also had a near kiss scene, where they had to put their foreheads against each other. While this was quite the heartwarming scene, behind the scenes footage shows that the two thought it was humorful.

Behind the scenes footage of their kiss scene was also revealed, as they took that a little more seriously.

While the kiss scene might have been initially serious, other related scenes weren’t. During one scene, Lee Min Ho made a mistake on one of his lines, which caused laughter from the two.

Lee Min Ho even once gets up, as he can’t seem to get serious for his scenes.

Here is the full video below!