A Crazy Number of Fans Swarmed in for Lee Min Ho’s Very First Instagram Live Broadcast

Fans have been waiting a long time for this.

Lee Min Ho recently held his first Instagram Live broadcast where he took some time to share how he’s been doing as well as chat with his beloved fans.

Lee Min Ho started off by saying, “I’m in Paris right now. It’s 11 in the morning here. This is my first time doing an Instagram Live broadcast, and it’s pretty cool.

Lee Min Ho had an Instagram account for quite some time, but this was his first time using the live feature to speak with his fans in real time.

Since fans weren’t sure if this was going to be his first and last live broadcast, they all entered the chat and even reached 63,000 viewers just after 5 minutes of the broadcast.

Lee Min Ho also showed a cute side of himself by asking, “If I turn this on, do all of my followers get notified? Is there a way to temporarily pause it?

During the broadcast, Lee Min Ho shared, “I’m getting ready for a solo shoot today” as he showed off his unchanged visuals highlighted by his tall nose bridge and sharp jawline.

At the end of the video, Lee Min Ho said his final goodbyes and showed his affection for his fans by adding, “You must have been surprised by my sudden live broadcast. I’ll try to turn it on more often and say hi to you all from now on.

Source: Insight
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