Everywhere You Look In These Subway Stations, Lee Min Ho Is Staring At You

Lee Min Ho‘s popularity is news to no one but the extent to which he has taken over the ads in Thailand is shocking, even by his standards.

In line with his duties as the new Oppo R9 and Innisfree ambassador to Thailand, Lee Min Ho was in Thailand in early February shooting commercials for Oppo and working with Innisfree.

In honor of the collaboration, Innisfree put up a post announcing Lee Min Ho as a part of their campaign in Thailand.

Since then, he has been in their Valentines day posts as well as many other promotional advertisements.

Oppo on the other hand, brought their advertising to a whole new level. Even though the R9s have already been launched, they are having another go at promotions with Lee Min Ho and things have gotten to be a bit overwhelming.

The company took over entire subway stations with their Lee Min Ho R9 ads. Many of which were side by side and appeared in long expanses — almost like an art exhibition.

While the CF for the R9s keeps the identity of the R9s new ambassador a secret, the only ones who wouldn’t know it’s Lee Min Ho, are those who haven’t recently been in the subway.

Check out the CF below: