Lee Min Ki and Nana Share Their Thoughts On Their Upcoming K-Drama “Oh My Ladylord”

We can’t wait to see what this K-Drama will bring!

Oh My Ladylord‘s Nana and Lee Min Ki came together for a pictorial and interview with Dazed Korea! Lee Min Ki plays the thriller drama writer Han Bi Soo, who chooses not to date, and Nana plays a rom-com actress, Oh Joo In, who is unable to date.

In their interview, Lee Min Ki shared that his lines were fascinating since a real drama writer wrote his lines to perform as his writer character. He explained that it makes him wonder, “Do writers really have these thoughts?

On Nana’s character, Nana commented that Oh Joo In has two personalities. One is a glamorous, famous actress, and the other is an every day, easy-going girl.


I find new charms to acting the more I do it. How could I get sick of it when it lets me experience so many different settings and incidents that I wouldn’t be able to in real life?


When asked if there’s a certain role that he’d like to play in the future, Lee Min Ki said that he wanted to play a character where his real self would be hidden. He explained that he wanted to fully immerse himself in a role that is completely different from himself.


Nana debuted as an idol all the way back in 2009 as a member of the girl group After School and later the sub-unit, Orange Caramel. She has since gone on to make a successful acting career for herself, as many idols are doing lately. The interviewer said it’s common for singers to drop their stage names and use their real names when acting, but Nana didn’t.

I’ve received a lot of love under the name of Nana, and a lot of good things have happened to me while I’ve used that name. I’m where I am now thanks to that. I said in an interview several years ago, ‘I like ‘Nana’ more than my real name.’ I still feel that way.




Their full interview can be found in Dazed’s spring edition!

Lee Min Ki also released an interview for the K-Drama on the same day. He explained why he took a somewhat tsundere role.

First of all, I liked how the K-Drama is bright, and that my character is comical. I haven’t chosen such a pleasant genre in a while, but I wanted to approach viewers with a comfortable, bright, and easy project.

—Lee Min Ki


Finally, when asked to describe Han Bi Soo in one word, Lee Min Ki said he couldn’t. He shared that Bi Soo is the type of person who changes depending on the situation, so it’s difficult to describe him in one word.


Oh My Ladylord will premiere on March 24!

Source: Dazed Korea and iMBC