Lee Naeun Raises Speculation Among Fans by Immediately Deleting a Photo Following Its Upload

Nevertheless, it’s good to see Lee Naeun looking so happy!

April‘s Lee Naeun recently shared three photos on her official Instagram account, which showed her smiling after enjoying a meal.

The photos clearly portrayed Lee Naeun feeling full and satisfied, but one of the photos drew particular attention for another reason.

This photo showed Lee Naeun’s hand next to another while wearing what appeared to be matching friendship bracelets.

As soon as the photo was shared, fans responded with comments such as “Is this a lovestagram?” and “She must have taken a photo with her friend“.

Lee Naeun deleted it shortly afterward, but that only led to more fans speculating to find out the truth behind the sweet photo.

Whatever the case might be, it’s good to see Lee Naeun looking so happy these days!

Source: Insight