Lee Sang Yeob Describes His Dating Style as Utterly Exhausting

“I’m single now.” – Lee Sang Yeob

Actor Lee Sang Yeob recently appeared as a guest host on SBS’s My Little Old Boy where he explained his dating style.

He shared, “When it comes to dating, I’m like a racehorse that dashes in recklessly at a very high speed. I have a tendency to get too obsessed and fall deeply in love.

When Hong Jin Young asked, “Isn’t that a good thing?” Lee Sang Yeob replied, “That usually makes the other person feel uncomfortable, and I feel really exhausted afterward.

He continued, “As a result, the other person would get really tired, too, so I abandoned a lot of my old tendencies. But now, I’m single.

In response, Seo Jang Hoon added, “Shin Dong Yup is the same way” to which Shin Dong Yup refuted, “That’s how you engage in honorable love.

Source: Dispatch