Actress Lee Si Young Reveals The Adorable Reason She Can’t Make TikToks When Her Son Is Home

“Let’s finish shooting before Jung Yoon comes”

Actress Lee Si Young has recently been a the guest star on several episodes of the variety show The Manager.

The show follows celebrities busy schedule along with their hard-working managers. While Lee Si Young has revealed many things to the viewers like being on set, her adorable son Jung Yoon, and more. One thing many fans were curious about is how she makes such creative TikToks.

Lee Si Young’s TikTok account currently has 6.3 followers and several of her videos have a crazy amount of views. Her TikTok’s are funny, creative, and all-around entertaining.

In the recent episode, fans got to view how much effort the actress, puts in to make such great TikToks. The episode, mentions her TikToks are “the top on the Billboards” and that’s she has “beat BTS and BLACKPINK.

Her manager gives more details into Lee Si Young’s TikTok achievements: “Considering the ranking, Si Young is in first place. BTS and BLACKPINK are ranked below her. She’s on the top for six weeks now.

After filming one TikTok, Lee Si Young said “Let’s finish shooting before Jung Yoon comes.”

The actress explained that her intelligent son will mimic the same things he sees her do.

It’s because when he’s at home, we’ve filmed several times when Jung Yoon was at home, and he imitated what we did. If he sees what we did do today, he’d break eggs on his head.

— Lee Si Young

Because of this, Lee Si Young wanted to wrap up filming before he came home and “avoid filming at those hours” he’s at home.

Fans found that adorable. Her son Jung Yoon really is a mini Lee Si Young. Maybe one day, Lee Si Young will include her son in her TikToks.

Check out the clip below: