This Kid Is BTS Jimin’s Biggest Fanboy And ARMYs Are Calling Him “Little Jimin”

He even got Jimin’s glasses!

BTS‘s Jimin has a brand new #1 fanboy and it’s soccer player Lee Dong Guk‘s youngest son Lee Si An, better known as “Daebak-i” from The Return of Superman! On a recent episode of the show, Lee Si An tried to imitate Jimin while watching BTS’s performance of “IDOL” and it’s the cutest thing ARMYs have seen.


Lee Si An and his older twin sisters got into positions on their couch stage, as BTS began to perform “IDOL” on TV. That being their favorite song, the siblings began imitating the choreography.


For the chorus part, Lee Si An even prepared strings of toilet paper as he tried to copy the intense dance moves. The siblings remained completely mesmerized by the members on TV!


Lee Si An professed his love for Jimin by pointing him out as the “hyung with glasses”.

The hyung with glasses! He’s so cool – he’s cooler than I am. I want to wear glasses like his too…

— Lee Si An


In fact, Lee Si An was so enchanted by how awesome Jimin looked in his round frame glasses. Wanting to be just as hipster as Jimin-hyung, Lee Si An sneaked into his mother’s bedroom and stole her glasses.


When the glasses made him dizzy, Lee Si An even figured out how to pop out the prescription lenses and work the frames like BTS’s Jimin. He was satisfied with how he looked with the glasses.


Fans are now calling Lee Si An “Little Jimin”, especially with his new Jimin glasses (sponsored by clueless mom!)


Watch the full clip below: