The Time SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man Gave An Idol A New Nose As A Present

There was a reason for “SM’s gift.”

Among the idols who have been open about receiving plastic surgery, one shared the story of SM Entertainment‘s founder Lee Soo Man gifting him with plastic surgery for his nose.

Lee Soo Man | SM Entertainment

On an episode of the talk show Strong Heart, Shinhwa‘s Kim Dongwan shared the story of “SM’s gift.” Around the time of the group’s debut, the members attended a photo shoot for profile photos.

Kim Dongwan | @ShinhwaCompany/Twitter

Kim Dongwan’s photos caught the eye of a powerful someone. He said, “I took mine, and President Lee Soo Man called me into his office.

Imitating Lee Soo Man’s voice so well everyone laughed, Kim Dongwan repeated what the founder had said, “‘Dongwan, your nose is a bit strange. I’ll give you a present.’

Kim Dongwan made everyone laugh even more when saying, “He took me to the hospital and gave me a new nose.

It didn’t fully solve the shape of his nose, though. Kim Dongwan revealed that his “nose is still slightly slanted” but less so than before. His nose had previously been hit by a falling speaker in an accident.

Even so, Kim Dongwan’s nose seems to fit him perfectly and has treated him well since.

| @kimdongwan_official/Instagram

Although plastic surgery isn’t always viewed in the best light, it’s positive to see Kim Dongwan speak about it so openly and how it helped correct an injury.