Lee Soon Jae Claims the Celebrities in Jung Joon Young’s Chatroom Either Had a Superiority Complex or Lacked Proper Fostering

Veteran actor Lee Soon Jae has been fairly vocal about the recent scandals.

Actor Lee Soon Jae recently participated in a radio interview in order to promote his new film, Romang, where he also spoke up about the scandals surrounding Jung Joon Young and his chatroom.

During the interview, the DJ said, “There are lots of celebrities who are receiving public criticism”, referring to Seungri‘s Burning Sun scandal as well as Jung Joon Young’s chatroom scandal.

In response, Lee Soon Jae stated, “As you all know, it’s all because they didn’t think it through seriously. We’re not officially public figures, but people in this industry have to think like one.” He added that the more a star grows in popularity, the greater influence they end up having.

Lee Soon Jae also criticized those in Jung Joon Young’s chatroom by saying, “If they did it while knowing that it was wrong, they either had superiority complexes or lacked proper fostering.

He then wrapped up his thoughts on the matter with the statement, “As you climb higher, you have to know how to control yourself. If you don’t have control, you end up deviating. A star’s popularity is bound to go back down. They have to realize that.



Source: Insight