Lee Tae Hwan Reveals The Amazing Chemistry Between The “Royal Secret Agent” Cast

Do you miss the cast too?

The recently finished drama, Royal Secret Agent, starred several major celebrities such as Lee Tae Hwan, Kim Myung soo, Kwon Na Ra, Lee Yi KyungJoo Soo Min, and more! According to Lee Tae Hwan, the chemistry between the cast was great!

In the drama, Lee Tae Hwan played Sung Yi Bum, half brother of Kim Myung Soo’s character Sung Yi Kyum. Apparently, the two worked so well together that Lee Tae Hwan claimed the brotherly love between them felt real.

We all had good teamwork. Whenever I had an action scene, Kim Myung Soo would look after me like he was my real brother.

— Lee Tae Hwan

Kim Myung Soo (left) and Lee Tae Hwan (right) | @leetaehwan0221/Instagram

As for his costar Lee Yi Kyung, Lee Tae Hwan shared that he was always able to create a pleasant vibe during filming and also was a great advice giver.

Lee Yi Kyung was the mood-maker and always full of ideas. Whenever I ran into a rough patch in my acting he would resolve it like a troubleshooter and always help me out.

— Lee Tae Hwan

Le Ki Yung | @luvlk89/Instagram

Lee Tae Hwan then moved onto the drama’s female lead star Kwon Nara. He mentioned her personality and how it animated the whole set.

Kwon Nara would always bring the set to life her toughness.

— Lee Tae Hwan

Kwon Nara | @hv_nara/Instagram

He then shared that Joo Soo Min always had a great energy that she brought to the drama.

Joo Soo Min’s energy also filled the set with good vibes. I was sincerely thankful for everyone on set.

— Lee Tae Hwan

Lee Tae Hwan (left) and Joo Soo Min | @leetaehwan0221/Instagram


Overall, Lee Tae Hwan claimed he was very grateful for all of his costars and everyone on set.

I was sincerely thankful for everyone on set.

— Lee Tae Hwan

| @leetaehwan0221/Instagram

Royal Secret Agent’s last episode aired on February 9 and the fans already miss the cast! But it seems as if the cast developed some great friendships and perhaps fans can see more of them together in the future!

Source: tvreport