Lee Tae Im Basically Starved Herself For 6 Months To Get Rid Of Her Sexy Body

Actress Lee Tae Im had a very unusual reason for wanting to lose weigt.

Lee Tae Im recently revealed on tvN’s The List that she wanted to lose weight to get rid of her sexy image!

 “I lost weight to shed my sexy image for the ‘You Will Love Me’ drama in 2015.”

— Lee Tae Im


She had to get rid of her sexy curves to fit her character as an unkempt drama writer.

But she also revealed that in other situations, she’d follow a different diet to look sexy.

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Whatever the reason, Lee Tae Im would always be on an extreme diet, which caused her fans to worry about her health.

Thankfully, she listened to her worried fans and decided to gain 7 kg (~15 pounds)!

Now she’s working on maintaining a healthy weight to look sexy rather than be as skiny as possible!