Lee Tae Im intentionally gains 15 lbs after fans beg her to stop dieting

Lee Tae Im gained back 15 lbs (7 kg) after many people expressed their concern for her health.

Lee Tae Im previously revealed her strict diet on MBC’s Video Star and shocked everyone with how little she ate.

Lee Tae Im before she gained 7 kg back. Image Source: Jo!ns

Her diet consisted of 3 spoons of rice and 2 cubes of meat per day, which prompted many to worry about her health.

Lee Tae Im revealed this was all she ate every day for the past 6 months. Image Source: SpoTV News

In response, Lee Tae Im decided to take care of herself in a healthy and balanced way and gained 15 lbs back.

“At the time, so many people worried for my health so I’ve been trying to gain weight and continue exercising.”
— Lee Tae Im

 She definitely looks much healthier and happier!

Source: Star News