Lee Tae Im’s Trainer Is Worried She’s Starving Herself

Actress Lee Tae Im has been following an extremely intense meal plan for her diet.

Image Source: Inven

This is what she used to look like before she went on an intense diet:

And this is what she looks like now:

Lee Tae Im revealed that she only ate three tablespoons of rice and two small cubes of meat per day to lose weight.

Cast members were shocked at how little she ate, but she shocked them even more after revealing she’d been on this diet for the past 6 months!

She explained she went on a diet after filming an advertisement for a waterpark with Park Hanbyul and Lee Chae Young.

Lee Chae Young in red, Park Han Byul in yellow, and Lee Tae Im in purple. Image Source: DreamX

She had gained weight for her role in a film at the time, but felt depressed after being compared to her co-stars in the ad.

Lee Tae Im couldn’t help but cry after being compared. Image Source: 00news

When a professional trainer worried for her health, Lee Tae Im promised she would eat up to 6 spoons of rice a day from now on.

She also advised anyone at home not to try her diet, as it was extremely unhealthy.

Image Source: 00news

Source: Dispatch