This Boy From “Where Are We Going, Dad?” Grew Up Into A Handsome Young Man

He’s changed so much over the years!

Lee Tak Su once appeared on a couple episodes of Where Are We Going, Dad? with his dad, Lee Jong Hyuk.


That was five years ago, when he was in elementary school. He guest appeared on the show during special episodes where he showed off his beautiful bond with his younger brother, Lee Jun Su.


Over the years, he steadily grew up as Lee Jong Hyuk occasionally uploaded photos of his boys on his Instagram.


The two brothers always seemed so adorable and youthful! But now…


But now… he’s grown into a handsome young man!


He’s now in high school as he’s shed off much of his baby fat and looks like a dashing prince!


He’s a little boy no longer! He’s already catching up to his father’s height. Lee Jong Hyuk is 186cm tall, and Lee Tak Su looks to be mere centimeters from beating his dad’s height. Let’s not forget he’s still a student that hasn’t stopped growing!


With a good balance between his dad and his mom’s facial features, Lee Tak Su looks like he’ll be beating his handsome dad in the visual department too!


Perhaps it’s thanks to his tall stature and handsome visuals, or just his dad’s influence, but Lee Tak Su is preparing to debut as an actor!


He’s already begun featuring on Tooniverse! Stress Out! as a main cast!


Who knew this adorable baby would grow up to be this stunning young man?


Take a look at Lee Tak Su’s television appearances from then to now!

Source: Sports Today