Legendary Actor Park Yeong Gyu Gives BTS Ultimate Praise

The legendary actor might have given BTS the most honorable compliment.

Legendary actor Park Yeong Gyu has been acting for over 30 years and has become a household name in Korean movies and dramas.

On an episode of Happy Together, the actor revealed he is a giant fan of BTS. He goes on to say on how they are transcendent superstars and aren’t just a popular K-Pop group, but a global group.

He even shows that ARMYs have no age or gender barrier, as he tells just how big of a fan he is.

As someone who has some experience doing music, he explains that the songs of BTS are well made and that they’re global icons who are way ahead of the trends.

He even shows that he is an ARMY and explains how he can’t help but show excitement when they perform, even if it’s from a computer screen.

He does get teased by the show’s hosts for mistaking one of the member’s name.

The greatest line he said might be the compliment he gave to BTS that many would see as being an absolute honor. He shares how growing up, The Beatles were the group that he grew up loving and that they were considered the “It” group of his time. He then goes to crown BTS as the current generation Beatles and even says that he likes BTS more.