Fans Just Noticed This Legendary Girl Group Is Actually Under SM Entertainment

The girl group is now proudly portrayed on SM Entertainment’s “Artist” page!

In 2017, SM Entertainment became the largest shareholder for Mystic Entertainment, an agency comprised of four labels that include singers, actors, and hiphop artists. Now SM Entertainment’s “Artist” page shows everyone signed with Mystic 89, APOP Entertainment, Mystic Actors, and AIKM as a part of the family.

SM Entertainment now holds 28% of Mystic Entertainment’s shares.


This means the legendary girl group Brown Eyed Girls, as a part of the label APOP Entertainment, now shows up under “SM Entertainment Singers” — along with 50 other Mystic Entertainment members.


Mystic’s popular singer-songwriters like Jungin, Eddy Kim, and Jang Jane are also proudly listed as SM Entertainment’s artists.


SM Entertainment and Mystic Entertainment have both stated, “With such an interactive and cooperative partnership, the two agencies look forward to creating a strong, global synergy in their productions of music, artists, performances, contents, and projects.”


One of the attempts at such a synergetic partnership was the Snowball Project, a TV program that brought together the original SM Entertaiment talent with new faces from Mystic Entertainment.

Viewers were thrilled to see the collaboration among some of K-Pop’s most talented artists like Henry, NCT‘s Mark, Red Velvet, Hareem, Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny, and Cho Jung Chi.


Fans of artists from SM Entertainment and Mystic Entertainment can’t wait for more collaborations and comebacks!

Source: Namu Wiki and Sports Donga