These Are The Lengths CLC’s Sorn Goes Through For Pictures Worthy Of The ‘Gram

Worth it? Worth it!

CLC‘s Sorn has an Instagram account that is full of pictures that inspire FOMO. From shots like this one:

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To shots like this one:

You really get a sense of her cool style and glamorous life. On her YouTube channel PRODUSORN (we appreciate that she knows a good pun when she sees it), Sorn shared a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to take these FOMO-inspiring, ‘Gram worthy shots on a day out with her friends, who acted as her photographers.

Source: PRODUSORN/YouTube

Their choice of location was a trendy coffee shop that was just *chef’s kiss*.

Source: PRODUSORN/YouTube

Like, seriously, check out this aesthetic!

Source: PRODUSORN/YouTube

Her friend took some absolutely fabulous, glamorous pictures of her, one of which she posted to Instagram, which we embedded above. To see more previews of the pictures he took, as well as to just see Sorn being adorable, watch her video below: