Let SEVENTEEN Teach You All About How To Really Rip It Up At Karaoke Night

Watch and learn, young grasshoppers.

In an episode of SVT Club, SEVENTEEN members went to karaoke and had the time of their lives. While they were there to indulge themselves in some fun free time, they ended up putting on quite a show for the viewers.


Hoshi, Seungkwan, Dino, and Vernon were assigned to one room. As soon as they walked in, Hoshi was ready to set the room on fire.

Let’s get wet and wild!

— Hoshi


Warming up with iKON‘s “LOVE SCENARIO”, this group of karaoke kings were ready to rumble. Hoshi pointed out that it is important to double – or even triple – the amount of emotions that go into the song when singing at karaoke! Note how the members knew their positions without ever discussing it once: Seungkwan and Dino automatically became back-up dancers / chorus and Vernon hopped on video recording Hoshi. Real karaoke lovers know this is the dream teamwork!


Then the group really got pumped up with SHINee‘s “Sherlock”. While their goals were initially “to show some non-SEVENTEEN sides”, they ended up being exactly SEVENTEEN – performing legends!


When Vernon picked up the microphone to sing the Black Eyed Peas, the other members didn’t know the song too well – but that didn’t matter. Here’s the lesson: Don’t mind the song. Just dance – or break into an impromptu dance battle!


The group knew all the choreographies to the other idol group songs they sang. To maximize the fun at karaoke, it is important to have a few moves up the sleeve that can be busted out at any time!

Are you guys here to do a concert or what!?

— Vernon


The other most important aspect of a successful karaoke adventure might be to fully let go. Watch how SEVENTEEN members put down all sanity and lost themselves in the music and the moment. Be sure to hype up and always include that one lower-energy-level teammate…


… and really let go.


And so by the end of the night, the glass should be foggy from the passion and the heat that was karaoke. And that is how it’s done (drop mic!)


Watch the full clip here: