Let Stray Kids’s Felix Guide You To Your K-Pop Debut, With These JYP-Certified Moves

Getting to hear his accent is a bonus.

On Pops in Seoul, Stray Kids‘s Felix stepped up to be K-Pop fans’ daily dance instructor!


He shared some basic-but-important dance moves that all of JYP Entertainment‘s trainees must hone to perfection before moving on to further training and ultimately debuting as idols.

At JYP, you’ve got to master these moves in order to actually make your debut in the music industry. So you could say they are very basic but important.

— Felix


He also pointed out that these foundational moves are on which all of the fans’ favorite choreographies are based!

And as long as you get these moves down, you’ll be able to do the dance moves of GOT7, TWICE, and Stay Kids with no problem, guaranteed.

— Felix


Ready to train like a JYPE trainee? Or maybe you’d like to experience what Felix had to learn as soon as he was signed with the agency. Perhaps you’re even curious to know how JYPE artists became so good at dancing like they are…


The answers are in this video. Follow these simple steps:

Stray Kids