Lia Kim Agrees That TWICE’s Momo Is The Top Female Idol Dancer

Momo is a dancing machine and now she’s got some famous words to prove it to her haters!

By now every TWICE fan knows Momo has some spectacular dance skills, but what some people may not know is that the amazing idol has also received some major praise from one of the industry’s top choreographers.


Lia Kim is the chief choreographer for 1Million Dance Studio and has worked with many idols who are considered the best dancers in the industry. Any compliment from her really should mean a lot and not too long ago she had some very kind things to say about Momo.


Lia, who has worked with TWICE on songs like “TT” and “Like Ooh-Aah”, said that Momo is the best dancer among her students. She also thought that Momo might be the only female idol who can compete with male idols!


While some haters might disagree with Lia, Momo really has proven herself on more than one occasion. The idol managed to master 50 different types of JYP Entertainment basic dances in record time.


She was reportedly the fastest person to do this and accomplished the feat in 4 months!


Additionally, JYP Entertainment once reported that Momo can dance to every single female idol dance!


And if you still need proof that Momo is a great dancer, just take a look at her moves. She’s got some amazing control and pays attention to every little detail in her dances.


With all of her hard work and awesome skills, it isn’t hard to figure out why she received all that love from Lia!

Source: @instiz