Lie Detecting Machines Don’t Work on MONSTA X’s Hyungwon and Shownu


In the K-Pop world, there is only one way to tell if an idol is lying or not and that is using the handy dandy lie detector toy that shoots electric shock if something is proven to be false. Unfortunately though, this piece of machine doesn’t work on MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon and Shownu – but for very different reasons.


Hyungwon is so good at manipulating the lie detector, that whatever he says will come out as the truth. When he told his fellow MONSTA X members that he has never watched “adult content”, the lie detector proved it true.


The members couldn’t believe Hyungwon, so they ran the test two more times. But each time, the lie detector worked in favor of Hyungwon and proved his claim to never having seen x-rated things to be true.

In the end, however, Hyungwon came clean and said he has actually watched such contents before.


During another occasion, when Wonho asked Hyungwon if he really meant what he said about Shownu and Wonho being the two most handsome members of MONSTA X, Hyungwon said he wasn’t lying and passed the lie detector test.


It must be either Hyungwon is always telling the truth no matter what, or the lie detector doesn’t work on Hyungwon and can’t really tell if he is being honest or not!


On the other hand, Shownu is always shocked by the lie detector, even when he is telling the truth.


The thing is, no one would ever notice because he apparently does not feel pain! When Shownu got tested for his first time watching anything x-rated being in high school, the lie detector disagreed and shocked him. While most who get tested scream and panic in pain, Shownu looked like nothing happened!


If no one said anything, then no one would notice that Shownu was actually shocked for lying. It is actually impressive how he doesn’t even flinch! Could it be his hands are made of steel?


So it seems between Hyungwon, who can always manipulate the equipment, and Shownu, who can breeze through the electric shocks, the infamous lie detector has no place!