BTS’s V Couldn’t Stop Laughing, So He Gave Himself A Time Out

A giggle fit hit V on set, but he knew just how to handle it.

Once a giggle fit hits, there’s no fighting it!

Whether it’s performing on stage, posing for photos, or shooting an advertisement, BTS‘s V uses his masterful control of facial expressions to convey the mood. He is a total pro, but even pros can’t keep a straight face sometimes.

On April 1, mobile phone company Liiv M posted a behind the scene video from their CF shoot with BTS. In addition to a group shoot, each member filmed individual segments on their own custom sets.

V was all boxy smiles from beginning to end, and once he starting laughing…

…he couldn’t stop!

The solution? A quick time out. V put himself in a corner to refocus himself…

…and it seems like it worked!

Check out the video here: