Like, DM, Unfollow: Watch Americans React To Female K-pop Idol Beauties

In a part 2 of “Americans React to Korean Female Idols,” male and female Americans came together to react to some of Korea’s beauties including Tiffany, Dara, Suzy, Krystal and Seolhyun.

In this series, the panel is first given a professional head shot photo of the idol whose Instagram they are about to scroll through. After giving their first impression, they are then given a phone where they will then scroll through said idol’s Instagram before making their final assessment of whether they would personally “Like, DM (direct message) or Unfollow.”

Dara impressed the panel with her aura who praised her for her “crazy swag.” Not only that, one noted her appearance in which she “sometimes looks 12, sometimes looks 34” depending on the post they were looking at, while another showed their shock at her actual age – 32 years old – after guessing her age at 22.

With Suzy, her visuals were praised with one hailing her as the “All Korean Beauty,” while Krystal was said to emit the aura of a “GAP girl.” Finally with Seolhyun, she was praised as a “classic beauty.”

Watch the video below: