Lisa Reveals Her Most Heartwarming Gift From BLACKPINK, And It Wasn’t What They Expected

Yan Yu’s over the top reaction to the simple household item has fans amused.

Since Youth With You mentors BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and Ella Chen couldn’t physically be with the trainees because of social distancing, they’re giving their feedback and encouragement through joint video calls.

Wanting to find out more about Lisa, Ella asked her a few questions that gave a glimpse into her life as a BLACKPINK member. In the process, it revealed a cherished item the group had gifted Lisa.

While Lisa patiently listened, Ella asked, “Teacher Lisa, what’s the most heartwarming gift you’ve ever received from a member?”

It turned out that the members had given Lisa numerous gifts over the years that were meaningful to her.

Lisa decided to stick with one of the latest ones she’d received from them. With a smile and hand gestures, she revealed, “Last, last time, they bought me, like, a mini refrigerator.” When someone thinks of a heartwarming present, that wasn’t the kind they’d typically think of.

Ella was taken aback by the simple item, exclaiming, “Oh, really!” She hadn’t been the only one shocked, either. Two of the trainees couldn’t hold back their surprise.

One held her hands up to her mouth while Yan Yu made the funniest face that everyone couldn’t help but notice.

Lisa explained why it had been such a touching gift. She’d taken the mini refrigerator and stored it in her room for the most convenient reason: ready-to-go beverages. “So, I just, like, put it in my room. So, I don’t have to go out and get some[thing to] drink.”

With how busy the girls are and the toll that it takes on them, they most likely don’t want to do anything unnecessary when they’re home.

Noticing that taking a trip to the refrigerator from her room was too much of a hassle for a quick drink, they decided to make Lisa’s life just a little bit easier.

Seeing all of the thought and observation BLACKPINK had put into the gift, no wonder it’s one of the most heartwarming to Lisa. See her gush about it here.