BLACKPINK Jisoo tried to kiss Jennie…This is what happened

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo receives a lot of love when she sends kisses to Lisa, but Jennie‘s reaction to her kisses is a completely different story.

The members of BLACKPINK are a close-knit group who love to show each other affection! Jisoo and Lisa have proven that they have a delightfully close friendship, evident by their adorable antics that have been caught on camera. This time around, Jisoo decided to also show some love for the group’s main rapper, Jennie, who responded to Jisoo’s kisses with a hilarious reaction.

During a live stream titled “블링크 뇽안,” (intentionally misspelled as part of a joke), or “Hello Blink,” Jisoo offered a few kisses to Lisa, who delightfully returned the favor. But then she proceeded to turn around and to give a few kisses to Jennie, who responded with a slight grimace instead.

Check out the full video below: